This is an additional site to Flying Twigs. That is, this web site is not the main Flying Twigs web site. This site is where we write about things to do with greeting cards, mugs, posters, prints, the paper industry, plastic use, postage costs, Brexit, and everything else we think of.

Here is the link to Flying Twigs, the online store for greeting cards, mugs, posters, and prints.

The reason we have this additional site is twofold. One reason is to write pieces that don’t fit with our e-commerce site. We put it here when for whatever reason we don’t want to put it on the main site.

The other reason is to prevent cybersquatting, which you can read about by following the link.

So, if you want to read some snippets of news, stick around here. Otherwise head off to the store if you want to see what we have for sale at Flying Twigs.